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LORD HANUMAN " Nothing is Impossible"

How to Win always?

In Life we need luck for moving forward. Luck factor seems to play a vital role in every thing we do in life. Here we will show you how to became lucky and win always

First thing God has perfect maths, You only suffer because not God wants you to suffer. Its because of your past bad activites or sins yielding bad luck.

You can overcome this bad luck factor into Win by Chanting Hanuman Chalisa as more as possible. Highly recommanded 11 times or more.

Remember Chanting is the highest sacrifice in the eye of the God. So it will yield faster results for you.

Its been proven,  Its work within a week. So try it out today.

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Why My Prayers are Not Answered?

Well many people don't know how to Pray first. We will go in details to find out how to Pray?

1. When you Pray, Pray with full heart and full believe in Lord Hanuman

2.As you sit for Pray think Lord Hanuman is in real in front of you.

3.Don't have unbelief or doubt over Lord Hanuman strength & Love for you. Lord Hanuman will do anything for you.

4.Remember, Nothing is impossible with Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman will take you out of anything Financial crisis, Health Problem or Relationship Problem. Have full faith in Lord Hanuman

5.Chant Daily minimum 3 rounds of Hanuman Chalisa in starting, later on 11 times Daily.

How to get a Miracle ?

Faith is key to Miracle, But we will go in detail to explain you how it works

For example: If a person got 50% faith and 50% doubt or unbelief over Lord Hanuman. He is unlikely to get an miracle because 50% unbelief cancels 50% belief yielding zero result.

The point i am here making is, If you are praying Lord for your Financial needs or Health problems or for Relationship problems and you want a immediate break through, you got remove your unbelief or doubt over Lord Hanuman love for you. He always help for those you don't doubt his strength, So please chant more than 11 times Hanuman Chalisa daily.

Having faith with doubts in mind will yield much slower results.

Even if you have 10% faith in Lord Hanuman with no unbelief or doubt in your mind over his strength and love for you, You are likely to get a miracle. Which you been waiting for. One way of showing faith is chanting 11 times or more regularly.

which means you should think you already got the miracle even before it has happened to you. Having negative thinking is ungodly. Thinking positive and having faith in Lord will do wonders to your life.

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